About me

Hello, I’m Tanya, Thank you for stopping by. If like me you are unlikely to read the endless page of writing below then here it is in brief, I love the idea that we can completely change the way we look and in turn, the way we feel just with a little clever knowledge. The ability to transform us, using correct colour choice and shape, along with style and then of course personality, just blows me away with the impact it can make. This has become more inspirational to me since I turned 46, so never before has the knowledge and tips I picked up along the way have they been more useful to me and I am happy to share them with you. So whether you’re creating your perfect bridal look, an office to party prep or your holiday highlights and treatment drop me a line, I look forward to seeing you. Tanya xx


I’m lucky enough to have spent my entire career in this wonderful industry. Not a day goes by when I’m not boasting that I have the best job in the world. Beginning my career as a hair colourist, before mastering the scissors and styling. I worked in London, as well as overseas, salon based for many years. Moving more towards creating styles for events and photography, my desire to create “the complete look” grew and I took the steps to study in the amazing world of Makeup.

I began studying with Illamasqua London. Famed for their “not so mainstream “approach to makeup, beautiful but radical makeup creations. Feeling I needed to perfect a more natural approach to makeup it did not take long to make the decision to study with Kristina Gasperas, Wedding Industry award Winner 2013, and now judge for the same awards year after year. Not only did I learn so much with this talented lady, but I was honoured to accept a place on her team in 2016. So now a member of her “K-Team”, I am lucky enough to be inspired, and continuously trained by this talented team of hair and makeup experts and now I have the pleasure to call them my friends.


I have also been practising and teaching yoga for many years. Training in the Bahamas, and then in India, enabling me to travel to many countries around the world, learning different yoga approaches and methods. Heading back to London I returned to my original teacher, Saraswati Neville and am honoured to study with her ever since. I am also lucky enough to teach at her studio in Sutton Surrey. While living on an Ashram I decided to accept a new name of Lakshmi ( there’s a good reason for this maybe I can tell you one day ), so I now have two names Tanya and Lakshmi, and I answer to both.
I have an old VW camper van from 1969 called Big Al. It is my pride and joy, alongside ( of course ) two children and two Pomeranians, So love an outdoors summer holiday … also makes for very amazing photoshoots.

I am lucky enough to have a large, private and spacious studio to work in, located in KT7 0BH.
The space has perfect light for makeup and photoshoots, plenty of space to have a party if you invite the girls or for a calm and relaxed visit, that part is up to you!

So feel free to, not only browse my site but get in touch and maybe follow me on Instagram.