Attica Ethics

Attica is an eco-conscious company, offering excellent service with extraordinary results, while at the same time, we are perfectly sustainable, chemically conscious and passionate about kindness to Planet, Client and Self.

From compostable gloves to natural hair colour, we are slowly making the correct changes to be “negative impact free”.

After finding out that around 1/3 of all that was in a landfill came solely from the beauty industry, and learning first-hand what the effects of overloading the body with toxins can do, I was forced to learn about what is actually in our lotions and potions, and the effect they are reported to have on the body and mind, it did not make for good reading.

So I set about my big exchange, swapping my products for natural and planet-friendly ones. It was not an easy task finding products that performed as well as their high chemical predecessors.

But with trial and error and a few million pounds, I am proud to say, I’m very nearly there!


Natulique is a high-performing, natural colour system which offers better results than my previous products along with wonderful organic, naturally derived hair care products. I am proud to say I am now part of the Natulique family.

This multi-award-winning company is totally powered by wind energy and has broken all boundaries when it comes to organic hair care, supporting local farmers and turning their back on cheap toxic ingredients, it truly is the future.

Clean, green and full of functionality.

Another company whose ethics also fit with Attica’s vision is Tropic.

Their makeup and skincare are made from natural and organically derived ingredients.

This wonderful company not only produces products that are carbon neutral and organic but helps charity projects across the world.

Multi-award-winning products, with purpose and love.

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Ethics beauty and sustainability…. the founding values of the Davines group.

Luxurious products, made with cutting edge chemistry with full respect for our planet and society.